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Mill Creek Spring Classic          February 2015

Freestone Spring Classic              March 2015

California Classic                              April 2015

LLQ                                       March-June 2015

LLQ Regionals                         May-June 2015

Mammoth Nationals                         June 2015

Loretta Lynn's MX National   July-August 2015

Monster Energy Cup                  October 2015

Mini O's                                   November 2015

*****Will add more events later if we decide to race

Horton Racing was started by David & Alexis Horton to help kids pursue their dreams of racing motocross. David rode during his childhood and has always loved this sport.
He stayed a faithful fan of motocross even after he stopped racing.
Their children, Kylie and Dalton, grew up racing locally and love the sport themselves. David owns his own business and has been sponsoring the team through his business for the past four years. After their first year, they were lucky in acquiring Ed Torrance as their Team Manager and Mechanic. With Ed’s help and advice, Horton Racing has grown and
added some amazing sponsors to help with their program.
Horton Racing is based out of a small town in Texas. From their location, Horton Racing has access to many great tracks for their riders to train and practice on.

With continued support from wonderful sponsors, Horton Racing has enjoyed significant growth in the past three years and continues to grow.